Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another reason we don't get soccer here

In yet another in a long line of reasons why a majority of sports fans in the U.S. do not get soccer, we have this gem:

From Reuters ---

Team plans cemetery for die-hard fans

A German soccer club plans to open a cemetery next to its stadium so that die-hard fans can rest in peace alongside their favorite team.

Hamburg SV, a Bundesliga side from the northern port city, aims to open the graveyard some 50 feet from the stadium's main entrance, said deputy chairman Christian Reichert.

Why didn't the Expos ever think of that? Think of the attraction for tourists! So, why would people want to be buried near their team's stadium and how will it be presented?

"For a large number of people, it's important to be close to the club after their lives are over," he said. "The cemetery will have the look of a small, open stadium."

Very classy. Surely this has been tried before, no?

"I don't know of any other place in Germany where this is done, so it's a unique opportunity for our fans," Reichert said, adding that teams like England's Everton FC have been known to inter fans' ashes around playing fields.

No way this idea would be considered a bad idea by anyone though right?

Not everyone is happy about the cemetery though.

"Some people, especially from churches, have said that it's not appropriate," Reichert said. "It's not for everyone but a lot of people are interested. Even if only one percent of our members take a place, that would be enough."

Go figure.


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