Monday, July 31, 2006

Baseball: A mystery trapped in an enigma

Check this list out and see if you notice anything odd...

(All times local)
Texas at Minnesota 12:10 pm
Oakland at Los Angeles 12:35 pm
Florida at Philadelphia 1:05 pm
Chicago at Toronto 1:07 pm
Arizona at Chicago 1:20 pm
New York at Baltimore 1:35 pm
Houston at Arizona 1:40 pm
Detroit at Cleveland 7:05 pm
Chicago at Toronto 7:07 pm
Atlanta at Cincinnati 7:10 pm
Detroit at Tampa Bay 7:15 pm
Los Angeles at Florida 7:35 pm
Houston at Arizona 7:40 pm

In the NFL, games are either at Noon, 3:30, 7:00 or 8:00, right? So why do baseball games all start at these odd times?

1:07? 7:40?

Is it so the broadcasters have time to give the intro and lineups? If so, why do the times vary from five minutes, to seven minutes, to ten minutes, to fifteen minutes past the half hour? Are some broadcast teams slower than others? Are there more commercials for some markets before the first pitch? And what's with the Canadians starting games at 1:07 and 7:07? Does it have to do with the the metric system when baseball is played there? Does baseball want to give people an extra few minutes to get to their seats at the ballpark, figuring most normal people schedule things on the half hour, like say 7:00 or 1:00?

While this is really of no importance, it's just something I have always wondered about. You may now resume your normal life. And no you can't have the last two minutes of your life back. Our next post will probably be at 6:13 pm sharp!


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