Thursday, July 13, 2006

ESPY Spoiler

For those of you that JUST CAN'T WAIT...

The geniuses (and we are not being sarcastic) over at The Sports Blog at the Polo Grounds have your ESPY coverage. A FULL TWO DAYS BEFORE IT AIRS! Whooo-hoo! Eh.

The ESPY's. What exactly is the point? The point is that it gives these egomaniacal people one more reason to love themselves and for ESPN it gives them a reason to have people who love awards shows watch their channel. It is quite amazing how many people will watch an awards show for the mere fact that it's an awards show. Some people would watch an awards show for anything. Coming up: The Groundskeeper awards! Stay Tuned for The Coal Miner Awards! Shows like this would probably get better ratings than the NHL or Arena Football. And we all know if NASCAR had an awards show, it would outdraw the Super Bowl for viewership.

Anyway, if you must know who won what (with pictures), click HERE. Although why you would want to know anything other than what Danica Patrick was looking like (which we already showed you), is beyond us.


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