Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Five things you probably didn't need to know

#1) Mike Casile, of Philadelphia Boxing Report, scored an interesting interview with former WBO heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison, whose career for all practical purposes ended in 1996 when he tested positive for HIV.

Morrison, 37, (46-3-1, 40 KOs) now insists he no longer is HIV-positive and that he is ready to renew his career this fall, hopefully against Mike Tyson (50-6,44 KOs).

"He lives right down the road in Scottsdale [Ariz.],'' Morrison said of Tyson. "I've got his number; I've spoken to him a few times.'' (

#2) The recent Ultimate Fighting Championship "UFC 61" at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas played to a sellout crowd of 12,400, with ringside seats going for $750, and generated a live gate of $3.3 million.

Those numbers eclipse Saturday night's HBO PPV rematch of marquee junior middleweights Shane Mosley (43-4, 37 KOs) and Fernando Vargas (26-4, 22 KOs) at Las Vegas' MGM Grand, which Mosley won by sixth-round technical knockout. That bout had a paid attendance of 9,722, with tickets scaled to a high of $800. (

#3) There are some weird sports that are actually sanctioned by someone or something. For example: USA Rock Paper Scissors League, World Adult Kickball Association, and the Extreme Ironing World Championships.

There is The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide. There is an Official Ball for the
World Adult Kickball Association: Mikasa. There have been official sponsors of the Extreme Ironing World Championship: Rowenta. (Thanks for the heads up,

#4) Rules for planning a wedding around sports:
Rule 1: No Getting Married During College Football Season, Rule 2: No Getting Married During March Madness, Rule 3: No Getting Married During The Super Bowl. For the complete set of rules, visit The Chicago Sports Review.

#5) Here is a rendering of the 49ers new stadium. As seen through the eyes of a Terminator.


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