Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm confused by Maurice Clarett

I'm sure I am not the only only who is confused by Mo Clarett (like his lawyers), but this press release from the imaginary Mahoning Valley Thunder of the Eastern Indoor Football League confuses me even more.

One of the tri-owners of the Mahoning Valley Thunder, Michael Slyk, confirmed that they did indeed meet with former Warren G. Harding star Maurice Clarett and spoke about a contract.

‘‘We met with him at his request — at the request of an intermediary party,’’ Slyk said. ‘‘At the conclusion we decided that it was not in our best interest and not in his best interest (to sign).’’

The Thunder, an ArenaFootball2 team, plays in a predominantly passing league where quarterbacks and receivers are the main play makers. Slyk said the Thunder and Clarett agreed that the style of play in the league wasn’t conducive to his style of play.

‘‘It’s not a right fit for him or for us,’’ Slyk said. ‘‘This is a passing game. He’s a running back.’’

Clarett also said the Mahoning Valley HitMen of the expansion Eastern Indoor Football League offered him more money.

The Thunder is bound by league rules to pay each player on its team $200 per game plus a $50 bonus for each victory.

‘‘We made that clear to him right off the bat,’’ Slyk said. ‘‘The league controls it and they control it for a specific reason — so we don’t end up like the NFL with a bidding war.

‘‘We want to remain a league of development for players to move up to the AFL and for modest markets. If players keep asking for more money, that doesn’t fit into our market.’’

OK, so they didn't sign Clarett because (1) it's a passing league and he is a running back and (2) the Mahoning Valley Hitmen offered him more money. Like what, two-fitty a game and free socks? Perhaps you just didn't want the headache, no?

(By the way, when you have imaginary teams, can't you find a different place for your team to be from? I mean isn't there a city you can subsitute for "Mahoning Valley" for your squad since that's already taken by the prestigious AFL2 team?)

But really, does it matter? The league still has four "teams" and Clarett is about due to go to jail anyway.

And actually, there are only three EIFL teams listed on the league site so they are getting really close to starting up, I'd guess. Two-days will be going any day now.

Clarett himself seemed pretty fired up for the season to get started.

"I don't have many other options," said Clarett, who announced that he will play for the Mahoning Valley Hitmen of the Eastern Indoor Football League. "The one thing I can do is play football."

Wow! Hold him back!


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