Monday, July 17, 2006

Is it just me or is this strange?

The folks over at Deadspin have alerted us to the fact that apparently Curt Schilling has been lurking on Yankee Fans' Message Boards.

While we think it's kind of cool that he would do something as lame as we would, it's also a little creepy. I mean, if I was a super-rich baseball legend, would I be trolling message boards, let alone respond to questions and criticisms on them? Maybe I would. Probably not. But hey, a guy gets bored waiting for his music to download to his IPod, so he might just surf on over to see what's being said about him.

Either way, we thought it unusual and wanted to share it with our four readers.

Check out Curt's ramblings here: Scroll down to the user named "Gehrig 38." It's either Curt or a guy pretending to be him. Knowing Schilling's love of the internet, it's highly plausible it's him, but then again that would play right into a poser's hands. Can I be any more definitive?!


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