Friday, July 14, 2006

It's a Google World

Thanks to Steve Rushin's column in the latest SI, I now must do this.

According to the All-Knowing, the cities that are searching the most for the following terms are:

baseball: St. Louis
steroids: Miami
HGH: Lexington, Kentucky (?)

football: Edinburgh, UK (I Meant American Football! Atlanta was the top U.S. City.)
...ok, then, NFL: Pittsburgh
motorcycle accident: Nashville

basketball: Raleigh
NBA: Hangzhou, China (Irvine, California #1 in the U.S.)
overpaid: London, UK (Chicago on top in the U.S.)

hockey: Winnipeg (No U.S. city in the Top 10...figures.)
NHL: Calgary (Ditto on the U.S.)
dentistry: Indianapolis

boxing: Brisbane, Australia (San Diego was tops in the U.S.)
Tonya Harding: Portland (as in "The Pride of...")
gambling: Baltimore

soccer: Sydney, Austrailia (Dallas was tops in the U.S.)
Freddy Adu: Edinburgh, UK (Washington D.C. in the U.S.)
sleep: Seattle (C'mon, that was rigged, right?)

golf: Phoenix (No way!)
Michelle Wie: Honolulu
plaid pants: San Francisco

bicycling: Madison, Wisconsin
Lance Armstrong: Austin, Texas
blood doping: Melbourne, Australia (Toronto is the closest to a U.S. city.)

bowling: St. Louis
beer: St. Louis (Nice combo.)
pizza: Austin, Texas

auto racing: Indianapolis
Danica Patrick: Indianapolis
death: St. Louis (Too much bowling and beer?)

tennis: Melbourne, Australia (Atlanta highest in the U.S.)
Anna Kournikova: New Delhi, India (No U.S. city in the Top 10?)
Ashley Harkleroad: Melbourne, Australia (Atlanta again #1 in America.)

fishing: Tampa
boating accident: Seattle
lying: Philadelphia

lacrosse: LaCrosse, Wisconsin (That doesn't count. #2 was Syracuse.)
violent crime: Washington, D.C.

gymnastics: Seattle
Nadia Comaneci: Seattle
Mary Lou Retton: Bucharest, Romania (Now that makes sense.)

rugby: Auckland, New Zealand (No U.S. city in the Top 10.)
rugby shirt: Bristol, UK (U.S. not representin'.)

badminton: Makati, Philipines (Shockingly, no U.S. city in the Top 10.)
Gay Games: Chicago

croquet: Auckland, New Zealand (Portland was tops in the U.S.)
field hockey: Norfolk, Virginia

Seriously, I could go on forever. This is really addicting, but I will stop there...for now.


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