Monday, July 24, 2006

The Lesson: Always wear your jock

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Tyler Bennett of Colts Neck claims he suffered emotional distress because his genitals were partly visible in a basketball game picture in his 2001 school yearbook.

He is suing the school board and nine former students.

The offending photograph, taken from a low angle, showed Bennett shooting a basket on a day he wore boxer shorts instead of an athletic supporter.

I'd be more concerned with exactly who was taking the photo. Was it a hot chick, or was it the weird guy in history class?

Seniors were told to return their yearbooks, and the offending picture was cut out in every copy that was subsequently distributed.

Yeah, that fixed everything, I'm sure. Once the books were returned I am sure no one said anything.

Bennett stayed home for the last few days of school and when he returned in September he was subject to constant teasing, in one case by a teacher, in another by a player on a rival basketball team.

Dude played this all wrong. He should have bragging his ass off and getting some trim out of this. I mean he got to show his meat to all the honeys without getting in trouble didn't he? And this was in 2001? Dude...get over it.


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