Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oh sure, nothing bad can happen here

From the AP --

At 94, O'Neil to play in minor league all-star game

The Kansas City T-Bones signed O'Neil to a one-day contract, likely making him the oldest professional baseball player. He would surpass 83-year-old Jim Eriotes, who struck out in a minor league game in South Dakota earlier this month, by more than a decade.

This is being done under the guise of hoping it gives him a boost in his supporters quest to get him into the Baseball Hall of Fame. So, I guess they figure if they kill the man, then everyone will feel bad and vote him in?

Since the ballot was cast, the T-Bones have become the unofficial champions of Buck O'Neil.

O'Neal not only will bat once in the game, the brilliant plan is for him to bat for BOTH teams. God help the poor sap who lets one get away from him and nails the poor old bastard.

"He should be celebrated in baseball," said Kansas City T-Bones manager Al Gallagher, a former San Francisco Giants pitcher who met O'Neil in the late 1960s. "Why the commissioner hasn't put him in the Hall of Fame, I have no idea."

Once again proving that just because you played baseball, it doesn't mean that you know anything about baseball. The commissioner has about as much chance of putting a player in the Hall of Fame as you and I do. Last time I checked, their were voters who actually followed procedures to do such a thing.

Let's just hope Ole Buck survives this minor league's team farse of a publicity stunt to see the sun come up tomorrow morning as he is actually a pretty cool old guy.


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