Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pro Football Talk's All-Turd Team

The fine folks over at have done some exhaustive research and come up with their First Annual All-Turd Team.

It's highly entertaining and worth a looksee.

A few highlights:

"Charles Rogers, WR, Lions: From No. 2 overall pick to certified piece of No. 2."

Kellen Winslow, TE, Browns: Vroom, vroom. Smash. "

"Randy McMichael, TE, Dolphins: Smash. Vroom, vroom."

"Najeh "Dookie" Davenport, RB, Packers: Arrested for taking a crap in a dorm room closet while the girl who lived there was sleeping. This guy could become possessed by the spirit of Mother Teresa for the rest of his days and we'd still make him the charter member of the Turd Hall of Fame. "

For the rest visit: PFT's ALL-TURD TEAM.


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