Saturday, July 15, 2006

She went Wie, Wie, Wie all the way home

Is it just me or do pro athletes that are not doing very well seem to have a higher propensity for "quitting" due to an injury or illness more often than when things are going well?

From ABC News --

Wie Suffers Heat Exhaustion, Withdraws

Not that I am questioning her honesty, well, yes I am...sort of. But her withdrawing and feeling sick wouldn't have had anything to do with the fact that she was completely out of her element and embarassing herself at this tournament?

She was 2-over on the day and 8-over for the tournament when she withdrew. The second round leader was 10-under, 18 strokes ahead of her and she only played 27 holes versus the leader's 36. This notion of her playing on the men's tour is ridiculous. The girl is just 16-years-old and is getting HORRIBLE advice. One would think that perhaps she should show a little dominance on the women's tour before her taking on the men.

This wasn't even a big tournament. It was the John Deere Classic in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa (If you know the four Quad Cities and aren't from Illinois or Iowa, then you really know your geography.). This was her fifth attempt to make a men's tour event. If those who care about her have any sense, they will tell her to concentrate on the women's tour, get really good there, then try to make a cut a men's event. Annika freaking Sorenstam, the robot women's golfer, couldn't make a men's cut, so why does she at age 16 think she can?

I know it was hot (I live near there), but c' are playing GOLF. A quote on ABC said "she gutted out the rest of the front nine." Gutted out the front nine?! Didn't she have any water or an umbrella for shade? Nine holes of golf for a professional, shouldn't put you down with heat exhaustion, unless you know, you are kind of stinking up the joint after showing how cool you are being in an event you don't really belong in in the first place.

In closing, my favorite quote was from one of her playing partners, who obviously felt a lot of pity for Michelle, "She just said, 'I'm going to withdraw,' which was good because she was holding us up again," said Jeff Gove, who finished at 1-over 143 and missed the cut by three strokes. "I saw she was hurting, but she never said anything," Gove said. "And she was walking real slow, which I thought was inconsiderate again because we're trying to keep up. If we get on the clock again, that's painful."


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