Thursday, July 13, 2006

WNBA, please go away

From the Washington Post --

East Finally Wins WNBA All-Star Game

From Sports Fraud --

Who gives a rat's ass?

Why do I even bring this up then, you may ask yourself and others?

Well, attached to this article is a picture of a WNBA player making out with her husband.

WOULD YOU EVER SEE THIS ON THE COURT OF AN NBA ALL-STAR GAME? The answer is NO. Because we don't need to show proof that not all of the players are homosexual in the NBA. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course. However, if women want to be treated with the same respect that the men do when it comes to professional sports, then knock this shit off.

As for the game itself, the score was 98-82. If you put together a NCAA All-Star game, or dare I say a High School All-Star Game, I would lay big money that they would score more points than the "All-Stars" of the WNBA. I would also put up even money that a handpicked team of Chicago High School players would beat a team of WNBA All-Stars. I have seen these guys play and they would hand these women their asses on a platter. Which is, of course, exactly what about 70% of the women in the audience (and on the benches too I believe) would like to have after the game.

I am all for women having equal rights, but since when do equal rights mean we have to be force-fed something that just IS NOT entertaining to a majority of the population. Oh, yeah, we just had that with the World Cup of Football/Soccer. Don't get me started there.

The announced attendance was 12,998, nearly 6,000 fewer than were at the game when it was at the Garden in 1999 and 2003. Finally it appears some people are getting that the WNBA sucks. No lesbian reference intended.


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