Thursday, August 31, 2006

International Link of Mystery

"And yet somehow he's still a free agent."

Today's "top" story . . .
Sprewell investigated in sexual assault case
MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Police were questioning former NBA player Latrell Sprewell Wednesday in connection with a sexual assault allegation.

Milwaukee police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said Sprewell, of River Hills, voluntarily appeared at their downtown offices Wednesday with his attorneys. She declined to say if he was a suspect in the assault.

Police had a report of a second-degree sexual assault from a 21-year-old Milwaukee woman, but Schwartz wouldn't say what that involved. The assault allegedly happened on a boat at the McKinley Marina on Tuesday. more

The rest of the stories . . .
Tom Cruise Cuts Deal With New Group (LA Times)
Tree Ruled Over The Top (SF Chronicle)
Cops have no record of Pavano car crash (MSNBC)
Redick's appearance on DUI charge delayed again (ESPN)
Lepage fined, placed on probation for hitting Skinner (FOX Sports)
Ewing resigns as Rockets assistant coach (SI)


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