Saturday, August 19, 2006

Silly Rabbit, Links Are For Kids

"My hero," says Seau.

Today's "top" story . . .

Just retired linebacker Junior Seau signs with Pats
(Boston Globe) -- Linebacker Junior Seau just held a conference call with the New England media. He opened by saying he was jet-lagged from his cross country flight Thursday night, and confirmed that the contract he signed with the Patriots is a one-year deal. He said he'll play at some point in the preseason and “when a championship team calls, you definitely have to answer the call.”

Some of the Q&A:

Talk about what’s happened to you today…
“I caught a flight from San Diego to New England, and I’m just throwing my nose right into the playbook.”

Does any of the playbook look familiar?
“There is some terminology that is familiar to me. I’m just trying to get it all down and obviously get out there on the field and hear the communication during the plays. That will be a big difference.”

You were retiring a week ago and now you’re here. Why, and how much football do you think you have left in you?
“Why? I received a call from the New England Patriots. I felt that there was a great interest for them to even respect me enough to [make] the call. There is a great fit here. I believe they have great plans here. There is a chance to win something big here and we’re going to go for it.” more

The rest of the stories . . .
Backup quarterback is leaving Cornhuskers (SI)
Evgeni Malkin turns up in LA, skates with NHLers (SLAM!)
Juventus' relegation appeal denied (TSN)
Vikings Robinson also got traffic ticket last week (ESPN)
Suspended former Ohio St. starter transfers (SI)
Umpire Layne injured when hit in head by broken bat (AP)


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