Tuesday, August 29, 2006

There's Always Next Link

"I have complete faith in T.O."

Today's "top" story . . .

Owens chalks up tardiness to oversleeping
IRVING, Texas (AP) -- Terrell Owens overslept. That's it.

He insists he wasn't late for work Friday to send a messages to his bosses, test his boundaries or anything else his critics might think.

And, get this: He says it'll probably happen again, even if he was fined $9,500.

"I think everybody has overslept, you know, once or twice in their life," Owens said Monday, more amused than angry that a fuss is being made over something that's happened to him before, though not since he's joined the Cowboys.

"It's not a big deal," he said. "It was not something I purposely tried to do. It's something that I will try to make more of an effort, a better effort, to get here on time. Other than that, it's really not a big issue."

Jerry Jones agrees, pointing out that some of the most upstanding citizens in team history were fined for similar transgressions.

He also insisted it's a mistake to read more into Owens' tardiness, the fine and his lingering hamstring issue simply because of T.O.'s past.

"From my standpoint, it's all good," Jones said. "Apart from him not being on the field and getting repetitions, has it in any way affected relationships on this team, teammates on this team, relationships between me and Bill, me and the coaching staff, Terrell and Bill, Terrell and the coaching staff? Zero impact there."

Owens called his tardiness "very unfortunate" and apologized to his teammates. But, he added, "I've got to move on. I can't let this get me down." more

rest of the stories . . .

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