Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hot Sports Wife/Ex/Girlfriend of the Day


May we present...

The ex-Mrs. Dennis Rodman!!

A Link To The Head

"Damn kids!"

Michael Irvin Arrested In Traffic Stop (Dallas Morning News)
Agassi Bids Goodbye (ABC News)
Barkley has eyes set on governor (Akron Beacon Journal)
New Legal Team To Defend Clarett (Columbus Dispatch)
All-pro Roaf calls it quits (KC Star)
Albert Belle pleads guilty to stalking (TSN)
Tour Winner Landis Denies Drugs, Does Say He Drank (WSJ)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot Sports Wife/Ex/Girlfriend of the Day


May we present...

Mrs. Grant Hill!!

I'm confused by Maurice Clarett

I'm sure I am not the only only who is confused by Mo Clarett (like his lawyers), but this press release from the imaginary Mahoning Valley Thunder of the Eastern Indoor Football League confuses me even more.

One of the tri-owners of the Mahoning Valley Thunder, Michael Slyk, confirmed that they did indeed meet with former Warren G. Harding star Maurice Clarett and spoke about a contract.

‘‘We met with him at his request — at the request of an intermediary party,’’ Slyk said. ‘‘At the conclusion we decided that it was not in our best interest and not in his best interest (to sign).’’

The Thunder, an ArenaFootball2 team, plays in a predominantly passing league where quarterbacks and receivers are the main play makers. Slyk said the Thunder and Clarett agreed that the style of play in the league wasn’t conducive to his style of play.

‘‘It’s not a right fit for him or for us,’’ Slyk said. ‘‘This is a passing game. He’s a running back.’’

Clarett also said the Mahoning Valley HitMen of the expansion Eastern Indoor Football League offered him more money.

The Thunder is bound by league rules to pay each player on its team $200 per game plus a $50 bonus for each victory.

‘‘We made that clear to him right off the bat,’’ Slyk said. ‘‘The league controls it and they control it for a specific reason — so we don’t end up like the NFL with a bidding war.

‘‘We want to remain a league of development for players to move up to the AFL and for modest markets. If players keep asking for more money, that doesn’t fit into our market.’’

OK, so they didn't sign Clarett because (1) it's a passing league and he is a running back and (2) the Mahoning Valley Hitmen offered him more money. Like what, two-fitty a game and free socks? Perhaps you just didn't want the headache, no?

(By the way, when you have imaginary teams, can't you find a different place for your team to be from? I mean isn't there a city you can subsitute for "Mahoning Valley" for your squad since that's already taken by the prestigious AFL2 team?)

But really, does it matter? The league still has four "teams" and Clarett is about due to go to jail anyway.

And actually, there are only three EIFL teams listed on the league site so they are getting really close to starting up, I'd guess. Two-days will be going any day now.

Clarett himself seemed pretty fired up for the season to get started.

"I don't have many other options," said Clarett, who announced that he will play for the Mahoning Valley Hitmen of the Eastern Indoor Football League. "The one thing I can do is play football."

Wow! Hold him back!

The House That Links Built

"I swear I'm clean!"

Landis Denies Using Drugs to Win Tour de France Title (Bloomberg)
Fulmer meets with recruit about allegations (WBIR-TV)
Raiders' receiver Porter wants out of Shell game (ESPN)
Triathlete Survives Bear Crash (Denver Post)
Bentley out for season (Akron Beacon Journal)
Young, Titans Agree; Deal Could Be Worth $58M (Tampa Tribune)
Fallon loses High Court appeal (ITV)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hot Sports Wife/Ex/Girlfriend of the Day


May we present...

The Future(?) Mrs. Jeff Gordon!!

Links For The Memories

"Well, we're just going to have to use our brains."

Van Slyke generalizes Latinos in assessing Guillen (Ticker)
Yankees hold back pitcher from Olympic team (AP)
Maurice Clarett Fires His Lawyers (Columbus Dispatch)
Thurman Suspended By NFL (Cincinnati Enquirer)
Mayor, Nationals new owners clash over parking (AP)
Ted Williams' daughter sues museum (AP)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


From ---

Man sues Mashburn over golf mishap

A man who claims he was injured by an errant golf ball hit by former Miami Heat player Jamal Mashburn on a Miami Beach golf course in 2004 has sued the retired player for damages.

File this one under, "huh?" I am sure there is no alterior motive here other than that the man was seriously injured. The fact that Jamal Mashburn has millions in the bank is sheer coincidence. Read on...

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Miami-Dade Circuit Court and seeks an excess of $15,000 in damages.

I'm sorry...did you say $15,000? As in fifteen thousand? Wow, this guy must be more honest than about 90% of the population. Admit it, dear reader, you'd have thrown in some "pain and suffering" wouldn't you?

Crance and Mashburn, who retired from the NBA after an injury last year, were both playing golf at the upscale LaGorce Country Club in March 2005. Crance was teeing off on the 17th hole when Mashburn hit a shot off the 18th hole that struck him in the eye, the lawsuit said.

Mashburn didn't yell "fore" when he hit the stray ball and failed "to give any warning whatsoever," the lawsuit said.

"He's permanently lost vision in one eye because of a detached retina," Koltun said.

Again...$15,000?! Dude has a detached retina from getting hit in the head by a golf ball from a player worth millions and he is suing for $15 grr? Wow. Who is representing this guy, Vinny Gambini?

Hot Sports Wife/Ex/Girlfriend of the Day


May we present...

The Future(?) Mrs. Marco Jaric!!

Privacy Policy

It occurred to us that some of our advertisers would like us to have a Privacy Policy, so here goes...

We will not ever sell, trade, barter or tattoo on our asses any of the shit that you provide to us when you register or post to the site. We are also not responisble for any communications that arise from your posting to the site. So when Greta, the she-male witch, responds unkindly to your comment, it's not our problem.
Whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information online in chat rooms, message boards, or similar posting areas, the information can be reviewed and collected by anyone.

"Here's comes the judge, here comes the judge!"

Did we miss anything? Now we can get back on with our sorry lives. Carry on!

Another reason we don't get soccer here

In yet another in a long line of reasons why a majority of sports fans in the U.S. do not get soccer, we have this gem:

From Reuters ---

Team plans cemetery for die-hard fans

A German soccer club plans to open a cemetery next to its stadium so that die-hard fans can rest in peace alongside their favorite team.

Hamburg SV, a Bundesliga side from the northern port city, aims to open the graveyard some 50 feet from the stadium's main entrance, said deputy chairman Christian Reichert.

Why didn't the Expos ever think of that? Think of the attraction for tourists! So, why would people want to be buried near their team's stadium and how will it be presented?

"For a large number of people, it's important to be close to the club after their lives are over," he said. "The cemetery will have the look of a small, open stadium."

Very classy. Surely this has been tried before, no?

"I don't know of any other place in Germany where this is done, so it's a unique opportunity for our fans," Reichert said, adding that teams like England's Everton FC have been known to inter fans' ashes around playing fields.

No way this idea would be considered a bad idea by anyone though right?

Not everyone is happy about the cemetery though.

"Some people, especially from churches, have said that it's not appropriate," Reichert said. "It's not for everyone but a lot of people are interested. Even if only one percent of our members take a place, that would be enough."

Go figure.

It's Gotta Be The Links

"Just another excuse to show Danica and her assets."

Reynolds fired by ESPN amid sexual harassment accusation (AP)
Bunkley, Birds in contract dispute (Philadelphia Daily News)
Branch taking holdout route (Boston Globe)
Chorizo is the new Racing Sausage (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Danica Patrick Leaving Letterman for Andretti Green (Bloomberg)
ACC fixes up bowl bid process (Boston Herald)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hot Sports Wife/Ex/Girlfriend of the Day


May we present...

Mrs. Jason Sehorn!!

The Link Has Landed

"To the Batphone!"

Tony Stewart spoils the party (Calgary Sun)
Fullback in good hands - with Koy? (Philadelphia Daily News)
Golf Tournament Doing Drug Testing (Washington Post)
Tigers make history with big 1st inning (San Jose Mercury News)
Troubled Texas running back to transfer (MSNBC)
Commissioner candidates down to 11 (FOX Sports)

Monday, July 24, 2006

For all the married guys out there

I was looking at the photo of Yahoo! Sports killshot on the wife of Tiger Woods (see post several below this one) and I couldn't help but notice how she seems to have put on a few poundages and is not quite the sexy vixen she was when she married him.

This is not uncommon as I know like a trillion guys to whom this has happened, many not famous.

Take a looksee for yourself...



Notice the developing Turkey Neck and the flabby arms. Oh, well, once Tiger figures this all out it'll only cost him about $25 mill. The rest of us just learn to live with it.


By the way, Rachel Ray is fat too. No connection, just an observation.

Zidane, you got nothin'!

This just couldn't wait until tomorrow...

From Guardian Unlimited ---

O'Neill headbutts horse

Whoops, wrong jockeys.

Jockey Paul O'Neill was facing a short ban from race-riding last night after it emerged that he had head-butted a horse at Stratford on Sunday.

OK, first off, NO it was not former Yankees outfielder Paul O'Neill that did this.

The 26-year-old, riding City Affair for the first time, was thrown as they arrived at the start for a two-mile selling hurdle.

OK, what the hell is a selling hurdle?

Having landed on his feet in front of the horse, O'Neill appeared to drop his crash-helmeted forehead on to his erstwhile mount's nose.

Erstwhile? Who is writing this? Must be a full-of-himself-Brit.

The pair were reunited for the race and finished fourth.

Phew...Glad they were able to sort things out.

Hot Sports Wife/Ex/Girlfriend of the Day


May we present...

The Future(?) Mrs. James Blake!!

The Lesson: Always wear your jock

From --

Tyler Bennett of Colts Neck claims he suffered emotional distress because his genitals were partly visible in a basketball game picture in his 2001 school yearbook.

He is suing the school board and nine former students.

The offending photograph, taken from a low angle, showed Bennett shooting a basket on a day he wore boxer shorts instead of an athletic supporter.

I'd be more concerned with exactly who was taking the photo. Was it a hot chick, or was it the weird guy in history class?

Seniors were told to return their yearbooks, and the offending picture was cut out in every copy that was subsequently distributed.

Yeah, that fixed everything, I'm sure. Once the books were returned I am sure no one said anything.

Bennett stayed home for the last few days of school and when he returned in September he was subject to constant teasing, in one case by a teacher, in another by a player on a rival basketball team.

Dude played this all wrong. He should have bragging his ass off and getting some trim out of this. I mean he got to show his meat to all the honeys without getting in trouble didn't he? And this was in 2001? Dude...get over it.

Baby's Got Link

"Can I play in the NFL now?!"

President Bush praises IRL's ethanol fuel initiative (ESPN)
Reggie Bush drops $1.8M on condo (NO Times Picayune)
Charity Games Bask in Bawdy Irreverence (LA Times)
Hornets want to play season opener in New Orleans (ESPN)
Bears' Gilmore arrested after "tussle" with police (Daily Southtown)
Ricky Williams breaks his arm (Toronto Sun)
2 NJ teens killed, 2 injured in lightning strike (MSNBC)
Police Arrest 2 for Alaska Baseball Shooting (WFSA)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yahoo! Sports takes a hit out on Mrs. Woods

For some reason this photo appeared on Yahoo! Sports:

I have no idea why Yahoo! Sports would want to kill Elin Nordegren, wife of Tiger Woods, but there it is.

Thanks to NBX Fantasy Sportsbook for the heads up.

And they were on such a roll, too

Hot Sports Wife/Ex/Girlfriend of the Day


May we present...

Mrs. Scott Erickson!!

Links of the Caribbean

"We'll get Bonds yet."

Miami safety Cooper shot, teammate returns fire (ESPN)
McNabb's turn to fire shots at T.O. (FOX Sports)
Sordid trial ends in divorce for Strahan (MSNBC)
Lehi teen allegedly sexually assaulted by teammates (ABC - Salt Lake)
A Fighting Landis Wins Tour de France (New York Times)
Emotional Tiger hoists claret jug (Sports Network)
Feds vs. Barry, Part II (NY Daily News)