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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cancel the Post-Game Show

Report: Redick to plead guilty to charges (SI)
Charges dropped against Bulls mascot 'Benny' (ESPN)
Fire-the-coach Web becoming big business (SI)
Pitcher in Brewers' farm system suspended for 50 games (AP)
Suit filed over Superdome's Katrina damage (SI)
Turk takes Islam-inspired swimwear to pious bathers (Reuters)
Peterson's father denied request to watch OU opener (ESPN)
Potential future governer Barkley talks issues (FOX Sports)


Hot Sports Wife/Ex/Girlfriend of the Day


May we present...

Mrs. Dan Dickau!!

International Link of Mystery

"And yet somehow he's still a free agent."

Today's "top" story . . .
Sprewell investigated in sexual assault case
MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Police were questioning former NBA player Latrell Sprewell Wednesday in connection with a sexual assault allegation.

Milwaukee police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said Sprewell, of River Hills, voluntarily appeared at their downtown offices Wednesday with his attorneys. She declined to say if he was a suspect in the assault.

Police had a report of a second-degree sexual assault from a 21-year-old Milwaukee woman, but Schwartz wouldn't say what that involved. The assault allegedly happened on a boat at the McKinley Marina on Tuesday. more

The rest of the stories . . .
Tom Cruise Cuts Deal With New Group (LA Times)
Tree Ruled Over The Top (SF Chronicle)
Cops have no record of Pavano car crash (MSNBC)
Redick's appearance on DUI charge delayed again (ESPN)
Lepage fined, placed on probation for hitting Skinner (FOX Sports)
Ewing resigns as Rockets assistant coach (SI)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ooooh, made it almost a week!

Vikings' Dwight Smith cited for indecent conduct
MINNEAPOLIS (Star-Tribune) -- Minneapolis police cited Minnesota Vikings safety Dwight Smith and a 24-year-old Hudson woman for indecent conduct about 1:30 a.m. today in downtown.

Officers released Smith, 28, a sixth-year player signed as a free agent last month by the Vikings, and the woman at the scene at 601 1st Av. N. according to a police report about the incident.

Smith and the woman were found in a stairwell after police received a call, Lt. Thomas Rice said this morning. more


Cancel the Post-Game Show

Peterson dealing with pressure on and off the field (USA Today)
Jones’ ‘B’ sample to be tested this week (MSNBC)
Charges dropped against Herd’s Rodamer (Charleston Gazette)
Switzer shares some truths and others (Arkansas News)
Reid finally enrolls at FSU (
Jake may run for cover (Denver Post)
Columbus, Ga., wins Little League W.S. (MSNBC)
Eagles make deal for Stallworth (FOX Sports)


Hot Sports Wife/Ex/Girlfriend of the Day


May we present...

Mrs. Alex Rodriguez!!

There's Always Next Link

"I have complete faith in T.O."

Today's "top" story . . .

Owens chalks up tardiness to oversleeping
IRVING, Texas (AP) -- Terrell Owens overslept. That's it.

He insists he wasn't late for work Friday to send a messages to his bosses, test his boundaries or anything else his critics might think.

And, get this: He says it'll probably happen again, even if he was fined $9,500.

"I think everybody has overslept, you know, once or twice in their life," Owens said Monday, more amused than angry that a fuss is being made over something that's happened to him before, though not since he's joined the Cowboys.

"It's not a big deal," he said. "It was not something I purposely tried to do. It's something that I will try to make more of an effort, a better effort, to get here on time. Other than that, it's really not a big issue."

Jerry Jones agrees, pointing out that some of the most upstanding citizens in team history were fined for similar transgressions.

He also insisted it's a mistake to read more into Owens' tardiness, the fine and his lingering hamstring issue simply because of T.O.'s past.

"From my standpoint, it's all good," Jones said. "Apart from him not being on the field and getting repetitions, has it in any way affected relationships on this team, teammates on this team, relationships between me and Bill, me and the coaching staff, Terrell and Bill, Terrell and the coaching staff? Zero impact there."

Owens called his tardiness "very unfortunate" and apologized to his teammates. But, he added, "I've got to move on. I can't let this get me down." more

rest of the stories . . .

Barry Bonds' trainer jailed again for contempt (AP)
World Series top ticket price jumps from $185 to $250 (AP)
Raiders sign inactive quarterback George (SportsFilter)
Warriors part ways with Montgomery (FOX Sports)
Former Aggies sue Mumme for religious bias (SI)
NFL seeking exhibition game in China (MSNBC)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Cancel the Post-Game Show

Jags' Greg Jones out for season (FOX Sports)
Bills cut massive lineman Gibson (SI)
Panthers took massive 'roids, report says (MSNBC)
Ex-OU QB Bomar heads to Sam Houston St. (SI)
Baker, Girardi on the hot seat (ESPN)
Coach responds to Smith's indecent conduct charge (KARE)
New plans for the game (Middletown Journal)
Herd loses top receiver Moore for WVU opener (Bonesville)
Aggie basketball star charged in robbery(Las Cruces Sun News)
Beware of the message boards (Roanoke Times)


Hot Sports Wife/Ex/Girlfriend of the Day


May we present...

Mrs. Mehmet Okur!!

More Fun Than A Barrel of Links

"Man, I wish I had his arm."

Today's "top" story . . .

Finn takes gold at mobile phone throwing contest
SAVONLINNA, Finland (Reuters) - Anyone wanting to throw away their mobile phone can do it in style and may even win a medal -- at the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship, Finland's latest contribution to offbeat athleticism.

Originally a local event in this small town close to the Russian border, the seventh annual contest Saturday drew some 100 throwers from as far afield as Canada, Russia and Belgium.

Founder Christine Lund describes the event as a good source of light exercise with an environmentally friendly twist. "There are a lot of mobile phones on the second-hand market, and we are recycling them (before they become toxic waste)," she said.

The inventive Finns had already given the world the Sauna World Championships and the Wife Carrying Competition before coming up with a new way to make mobile phones even more mobile.

This year's gold medal went to Finland's Lassi Etelatalo, who flung a scrapped Nokia unit a forceful 89.00 meters. "I prepared by javelin throwing, I haven't really practiced throwing mobile phones," Etelatalo told Reuters. more

The rest of the stories . . .
Iverson's mom is majority owner of ABA team (FOX Sports)
Baseball Memorabilia Collector Dumping Bonds (SF Chronicle)
Former Kentucky baseball player killed in crash (AP)
Stackhouse gives minister mom a church (ESPN)
Ex-CMU player Seymour released from jail (SI)
Cape Cod League Top 30 Prospects (Baseball America)